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College Showcase Guidelines - College Coaches


We would like to address some important aspects regarding the attendance of college coaches at our upcoming showcase event. While we strive to provide accurate information regarding the coaches expected to attend, we must emphasize that circumstances beyond our control may affect their presence. It is essential to understand that although certain coaches may be listed as attendees, their attendance cannot be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances such as scheduling conflicts, travel restrictions, or other obligations. Conversely, coaches who are not listed may still have the opportunity to attend the event.

We want to assure all participating teams that the selection of coaches attending is influenced by a variety of factors, including but not limited to, their program’s recruiting needs, geographic location, and specific player requirements. Therefore, the presence of coaches at the showcase may vary and is subject to change. Additionally, we strongly encourage all teams to take an active role in communicating with college coaches directly to ensure they are aware of where their teams will be playing. This proactive approach can help facilitate meaningful interactions and opportunities for player recruitment. 

Our priority remains to offer a platform where athletes can showcase their skills and talents to a diverse audience of college coaches, regardless of their initial listing.

 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

College Showcase Guidelines - Teams


We would like to address some important aspects regarding the logistics of team placements at our upcoming showcase event. At California Fastpitch Tourneys, we prioritize fairness and quality in assigning teams to parks, ensuring an optimal experience for all involved.

Teams are placed at parks based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, participation in Alliance events, California Fastpitch Tourneys events, organizational reputation, and the team’s historical performance. Our aim is to create balanced and competitive matchups while providing opportunities for each team to showcase their abilities effectively.

It is important to note that we do not accept information from teams regarding their preferences or requests for evaluations unless specifically requested. Our team placement process is carefully curated to maintain integrity and fairness across the board.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter as we strive to uphold the standards of excellence associated with our showcase events.

College Showcase Guidelines - Players Camp


To optimize the effectiveness of our player’s camp and ensure its success in achieving our primary goal of player recruitment, it is requirement that a minimum of three players from each team attend the camp. (exception: less than 3 per team is allowed if camp is sold out) This requirement is necessitated by the heightened costs and associated fees involved in organizing and running a showcase event. By having at least three participants, we enhance our chances of attracting scouts and recruiters, thereby maximizing opportunities for player recruitment. Our ultimate aim is to facilitate the recruitment of as many players as possible, and meeting this attendance threshold is crucial in fulfilling that objective.